Start of Last Application Cycle: 30 May to 1 July 2024


About the Programme

With a new generation of academics with specialized knowledge and in one of the most dynamic departments within Greece, we are waiting for you to build together a professional and scientific career as you wish.

The academic staff together with experienced market executives with long successful careers in the business arena will educate and inspire you through their research and experience, with the aim of acquiring knowledge and skills in sports marketing, cultural and political organizations that will make you desirable in the job market.

Professor George Tsourvakas
- Director of the MSc in Sports, Culture, Political Marketing
About the Programme

Marketing Master's Program

Face-to-face and distance education
with modern teaching tools


Research success of our student, Konstantinos Alexopoulos

This distinction reflects the dedication and excellent work of our student as well as the high quality of the Program.

Positioning a personal political brand on YouTube with points of different visual storytelling.

The analysis explores visual storytelling of brand-building of the two political leaders in Greece in the 2019 European Parliament pre-election period. The results revealed that a visual storytelling with emotional symbols, authentic appearances and universal slogans were the main points of difference for politicians to position effectively....

Segmenting voters by motivation to use social media and their lifestyle for political engagement

Segmentation in political marketing seems to be a very useful tool and takes new instructions in the age where the social media is playing a crucial role for political parties. This research uses market segmentation theory in the field of politics through the study of behavior and motives of voters/social media users...

IMS Laboratory

The Laboratory of Integrated Marketing and Communication of the Department of Business Administration of NKUA is active in carrying out educational, research and professional work on topics directly and indirectly related to the academic subject "Marketing Management"....